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Through the collaboration of our members, MCRA helps drive performance improvements, delivers exceptional service, transforms care, and champions the health and wellbeing of the communities our members serve. 

Postage Consultation with Communication Specialist, Command Direct

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DID YOU KNOW... Postage is often a Health Plan's largest member communication expense?

At the same time, it is commonly most ignored!

A postal strategy is a critical component to managing your communications budget, and Command Direct can help. Schedule a complimentary postage consult with a Command Direct communications specialist and review the variables that can save significant dollars.

Some topics will include:

  • Mail Piece Design (size, weight etc.)

  • Speed of Delivery Requirements

  • Presorting and Postal Discount Opportunities

  • Return Mail and Data Cleansing

  • Mailing Frequency

  • Regulatory Requirements

CLICK HERE to schedule a 30-minute consultation with Command Direct.
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