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MCRA Strategic Advisory Board

MCRA Strategic Advisors are Managed Care leaders and Health Plan executives who advise MCRA Members, drive Member discussions, and share insights on industry challenges.

Purpose of Strategic Advisors

Share operational challenges to help drive group discussions and initiatives
Ensure MCRA Members bring the highest level of value to health plans
Offer information on industry developments to ensure MCRA is focused on today's challenges

MCRA Strategic Advisory Board

Bill Abrams
Marketing Strategic Advisor

Bill Abrams is a Health Insurance Marketing and Communications leader with over 30 years of experience in public and private sectors.


As a strategic adviser to MCRA, Bill participates in monthly MCRA discussions and shares his insights on industry challenges from the payer perspective. Bill’s experience as an industry leader helps MCRA members understand the bigger challenges faces by Health Plans, and allows our members to properly position the solutions to support Managed Care clients. Bill also participates in MCRA industry workshops and events, adding value through the payer perspective and his years of experience and expertise.

Joe Brand
IT Strategic Advisor

Joe Brand is an Information Technology and Business leader with over 30 years of experience in leading business optimization programs in both non-profit and for-profit organizations.


His focus is on Health IT roadmaps and the strategic adoption of technologies within the payer operating model to achieve top and bottom-line value. 


Joe’s industry experience in leading large scale transformation programs helps MCRA members understand the challenges facing Health Plans today. This insight allows MCRA members to create meaningful solutions and properly position themselves to support managed care client strategies.

Andrew Biernat
Managed Care Business Advisor

Andrew Biernat has had a successful 27-year career as a health insurance and risk management consultant, entrepreneur/business owner and business association leader.

Currently, Biernat serves as Vice President/Strategic Business Advisor for Gilroy Kernan & Gilroy in New Hartford New York, where he works with large complex organizations, municipal governments, school districts, military contractors, manufacturers, business associations and labor unions and for profit/not for profit enterprises throughout the United States helping to identify, categorize, prioritize risks and opportunities for growth and cost containment.  

Biernat is former President of both the New York State Association of Health Underwriters (Now NABIP New York Chapter) and the Greater Central New York Association of Health Underwriters and currently serves on the board of directors for GPO Federal Credit Union, and the National Association of Benefit and Insurance Professionals - New York State, where he serves as Membership and Media Chairman.

Biernat has also served as the chairman of the Employer Working Group for the National Association of Benefits and Insurance Professionals (NABIP) in Washington D.C. and currently serves on the legislative council representing region one, which comprises New York and the New England States. Biernat also serves on BIG I New York’s legislative advisory council.

Mostly Medicaid_ Blue Circle.png
Mostly Medicaid
Medicaid Consultants

Mostly Medicaid has 20 years of experience as a trusted advisor to solution providers looking to expand in the Medicaid and HHS space. Their consultants have extensive experience and their best-in-class delivery model ensures clients receive the value they paid for. This advances them further in the sales process while aligning with unique Medicaid needs. Mostly Medicaid’s unique discovery process gives context for strategy and offers a laser-focused set of options for growth.

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