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Through Member collaboration, MCRA helps drive performance improvements, deliver exceptional service, transform care, and champion the health and wellbeing of the communities we collectively serve.

Driving Transformation: A Collaborative Journey in Patient Engagement and Member Incentives

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MCRA Industry Leader Interview with special guests, Command Direct and TPS Payments

The Managed Care Resource Alliance (MCRA) has a unique collaborative approach that brings managed care vendors together to solve problems. Today's interview is a success story of these partnerships.

In this MCRA Industry Leader Interview, Command Direct's President & CEO, Gary Bolnick, along with TPS Payments' Senior Vice President of Partnerships, Bianca Carr, discuss the topic of "Driving Transformation: A Collaborative Journey in Patient Engagement and Member Incentives" with MCRA Marketing Manager, Rebecca Preslar.

"Together we have an opportunity to change the way incentive programs are created, managed and reported. We're very excited about what's to come." —Gary Bolnick

Command Direct provides a wide range of communications to Health Plans. Prior to partnering with TPS Payments, Command’s solution focused mainly on the operational side of incentive programs, such as design, print, and mail. They found most of the campaigns to be limited with little insight into how to better engage with patients to achieve better results. This was where the exciting partnership with TPS Payments began.

Launched in 2023, “Command Direct - Powered by TPS Payments” is a powerful solution that has already demonstrated its effectiveness. The platform is built on TPS Payments' industry leading platform which provides patients with a simple approach to redeeming a broad range of incentives but incorporates a high level of flexibility. There are no “one size fits all” incentive solutions and this approach allows Health Plans to tailor their strategies to their specific markets, lines of business, and unique marketing approaches.

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To learn more about "Command Direct - Powered by TPS", visit


Gary Bolnick Headshot
Gary Bolnick President & CEO Command Direct

Gary oversees the executive management team at Command Direct. His tenure in marketing, strategic development, new product and technology applications development, coupled with his passion and success in sales with new business generation are the foundation for Command's growth and position in the market place as an industry leader.


Gary's talents include the ability to identify unique needs of organizations, streamline new client implementations, expand Command's product offering, and launch various technology initiatives to support the dynamic needs of his clients. Command's ability to create client response-based applications are a result of Gary's dedication to providing the best possible client experience and managing those relationships with care and professionalism.

Bianca Carr Headshot
Bianca Carr Senior Vice President of Partnerships TPS Payments

With over 17 years of executive strategy and sales management experience in the health care industry, Bianca is a recognized leader and speaker in member engagement and incentive solutions for preventive health outcomes. She currently heads the Partnership division at TPS Payments, the industry leader in offering SaaS platforms that focus on engagement, claims, validation, incentive rewards, and points program design for health care organizations and large lifescience clients that run consumer and member incentive programs.

Bianca's core competencies include solving complex industry challenges and developing new product innovations within the health care and government sectors. She works with health plans, wellness companies, and government programs, especially Medicare and Medicaid, to improve HEDIS, CAHPS, and STAR ratings using prescriptive member engagement and incentive strategies. She also consults on critical programs that affect states and federal programs within health care, such as COVID relief, human aid, and accessibility to PPE. Bianca's mission is to design and deliver easy-to-use, member-centric, and data-driven programs that create an increased awareness on healthy actions and social determinants of health. Bianca has a deep experience in member marketing and consumer marketing specifically at a product level and building a marketing program that engages and bolsters sales and the consumer or channel.


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