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Through Member collaboration, MCRA helps drive performance improvements, deliver exceptional service, transform care, and champion the health and wellbeing of the communities we collectively serve.

Driving Audience Engagement in the Complex Managed Care Marketing Landscape

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MCRA Industry Leader Interview with special guest, o2kl

o2kl is an integrated, performance-based advertising and communications agency that thrives on making the complex simple. That’s an important skill for the managed care space. At o2kl, the customer journey is a marathon, and not always a sprint.

In this MCRA Industry Leader Interview, o2kl's Co-Founder and Partner, Jim Lurie, along with Director of Media and Analytics, Farrell Crowley, discuss the topic of "Driving Audience Engagement in the Complex Managed Care Marketing Landscape" with MCRA CEO, Barry Volin.

"We take the analytics our clients have and translate that into input so our communications are more effective. When you're communicating, what most people really want to do is drive specific actions and engagements. That's really what we are experts in at o2kl." —Jim Lurie (o2kl)

Uncover the primary marketing challenges facing organizations today, along with how o2kl addresses these challenges and partners with fellow MCRA Members to develop innovative solutions for the industry in the latest interview:

To learn more about o2kl and their services, visit

Ji mLurie Headshot
Jim Lurie o2kl Co-Founder, Partner

Jim is a relationship builder by nature. For Jim, he doesn’t see his business relationships as just business — they’re also personal. 

He has built a career and business through his ability to make the complicated easy to understand. It is a challenge he loves. It starts with a deep dive into all the subject matter materials he can get his hands on — which helps determine a clear and focused way forward for o2kl’s clients. What Jim finds critical to the process of developing unique strategies and communications is digging deeper to understand the insights into what drives and motivates the audience.  It’s these complex products and services where Jim focuses, which may be why o2kl’s focus is on healthcare, insurance, associations, financial services, and health tech. 

In the end, o2kl’s success circles back to strong relationships and ensuring they deliver success each and every time for our clients. We can practically trace every client on o2kl’s agency roster today to a prior client… going back 20 years. Jim calls this relationships over contracts.

Farrell Crowley Headshot
Farrell Crowley o2kl Director of Media and Analytics

With a wide range of experience across industries, Farrell heads up o2kl’s media and analytics practice. Farrell helps shape marketing strategies and bring campaigns to life through paid media efforts. Laser focused on driving ROI for her clients, Farrell establishes performance goals and benchmarks as guard rails for campaign performance. She is a strong believer leveraging marketing innovations to effectively and efficiently deliver on marketing goals. From B2B to B2C, Farrell has strong subject matter expertise in the managed care brands and campaigns.

Barry Volin Headshot
Barry Volin MCRA CEO and Co-Founder

Barry Volin is currently the CEO of the Managed Care Resource Alliance (MCRA) and the President/CEO of BV Consulting LLC. His professional career spans 35+ years specializing in managed care operations and consulting.  He has a demonstrated track record in Medicaid, Medicare, Special Need Plans, Managed Long-Term Care and Fully Integrated Program start-up, management, growth and service area expansion, process improvement, and financial turnaround. Barry has served in a variety of executive roles, including the CEO for Aetna Better Health of NJ, a Medicaid Long Term Service and Support (MLTSS) MCO and Centers Plan for Healthy Living Managed Long Term Care Plan in NY.  Most recently he was the Executive Vice President at Health Partners Plans in Philadelphia, responsible for directing the financial/operational turnaround initiative for their Medicare Line of Business. 

His areas of expertise include: Organizational Leadership; Start-Up Operations, Innovation and Creative Solutions, Team Building, Cost Reduction/Operational Efficiencies, Marketing/Sales Strategy Development and Implementation, Value Based Contracting/Pay-for-Performance.  


For MCRA, Barry represents the Health Plan perspective to today’s challenges and leads dialogue for our resources to work toward for the future.


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