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Breaking Down Myths About Marketing To Older Customers


The reality of aging and retirement is more diverse, more complex, and more hopeful than initial forays would suggest. Older adults represent a growing sector of the population - a percentage projected to double by 2050, by which time 25-29% of the US population are expected to be 60+, while the global population is expected to reach over 2 billion. And older adults are increasingly determined to stay connected and live well. It's a vital time to understand how adults transition into productive well-being in later life stages, and how businesses and organizations can service this increasing demographic.

McClennan Group surveyed 1,114 people from ages 18 through 90 to date using a blend of validated research scales such as the Negative and Positive Affect Scale, their own quantitative measures, and original open-ended questions where participants could elaborate on answers about retirement planning, goals, an attitudes about the future.

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