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Through the collaboration of our members, MCRA helps drive performance improvements, delivers exceptional service, transforms care, and champions the health and wellbeing of the communities our members serve. 

Welcome Calibrated Healthcare Network to MCRA!

Calibrated Healthcare Network is our newest MCRA Member!

Calibrated Healthcare offers cost effective and high performing off shore MSO services including claims adjudication, UM, credentialing, CM, and eligibility/enrollment. They have proven expertise in managed care operations for over twenty years. Calibrated employees work in the the plans/medical groups systems as staff augmentation which lowers costs and improves processes.

Calibrated's expertise includes:

  • Claims adjudication,

  • UM,

  • CM,

  • Enrollment / Eligibility,

  • Credentialing,

  • System configuration

Learn more about Calibrated Healthcare Network:


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