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Recovery Audit Solutions, Inc. (RASI) January 27, 2022

The Office of Inspector General (OIG) released a notice in August 2020 regarding the Audit of Medicare Payments for Inpatient Discharges Billed by Hospitals for Beneficiaries Diagnosed With COVID-19 with an expected issue date of FY 2022.

RASI provides a solution to health plans and providers concerned about the upcoming audits. Allow RASI to untangle your COVID-19 billing concerns.

RASI can:

  • Assist in preparing for your pending audit;

  • Work with your providers to ensure proper billing;

  • Help you understand and maintain compliance rules and regulations.

Be proactive! Get ahead of the OIG audit and contact RASI today:

Phone: 484-845-1373 ext.103

Email: info@recoveryauditsolutions.com

Web: www.recoveryauditsolutions.com