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Four Simple Strategies to Reduce Return Mail for Health Plans

Originally posted by Command Direct | May 9, 2023

Return mail can be a major headache for Health Plans of all sizes. Not only does it result in wasted time and resources, but it can also lead to dissatisfied members, compliance issues and lost revenue. Fortunately, there are several steps businesses can take to reduce the amount of return mail they receive.


  1. ADDRESS VERIFICATION To minimize the occurrence of return mail, one of the most efficient strategies is to confirm addresses before mailing letters or parcels. This can be accomplished through address verification software or by cross-referencing addresses with a database of validated addresses.

  2. COMMUNICATE WITH MEMBERS Maintaining accurate member data through standard business practices is another crucial approach to minimize return mail. This involves recording address modifications through member service communications, ensuring accurate data entry during the enrollment process, and enabling members to easily self-report changes through web portals.

  3. USE INTELLIGENT MAIL BARCODES Intelligent Mail Barcodes (IMBs) are a specific type of barcode that can be utilized to monitor mail throughout the entire delivery process. Through IMBs, businesses can receive instantaneous updates on their mail’s status, including confirmation of its delivery or return. This can aid in detecting and rectifying address inaccuracies before mail is sent back, thereby enhancing the effectiveness of the mailing process.

  4. MEMBER SELF-REPORTING ADDRESS CHANGES Health plans should prioritize providing their members with convenient and accessible tools to update their address information. By utilizing regular mailings accompanied by prepaid return envelopes and electronic communication, with response capabilities, health plans can encourage their members to promptly inform the plan of any address corrections.


When mail is returned to a Health Plan, it takes tremendous resources to sort, organize, enter data and research for correct addresses. While return mail can be a major headache for businesses, it does not have to be. By implementing simple strategies for reducing return mail, businesses can save time, money, and resources while improving member satisfaction.


With a successful return mail management program, the savings will be immediate, significant, and measurable. To discuss implementing a return mail management program at your Health Plan, contact Command Direct to schedule an introductory call.

Original post by MCRA Member, Command Direct

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