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Through Member collaboration, MCRA helps drive performance improvements, deliver exceptional service, transform care, and champion the health and wellbeing of the communities we collectively serve.

Announcing New MCRA Partner: ADP®

MCRA partnerships are established to amplify the vision of the Managed Care Resource Alliance (MCRA).

The primary role of MCRA is to help Managed Care vendor organizations develop unique and innovative business strategies. Business strategies do not always focus on growing top-line. They can and should also focus on improving net results.


In many ways, ADP® is a leader in the field in helping organizations reduce costs of administrative services that otherwise each organization has to manage on their own. MCRA is proud to welcome ADP® as a new MCRA Partner.


ADP® recently presented a workshop to MCRA Members on the benefits of outsourcing your HR, including some of the challenges MCO vendors may be facing. For example:

  • 70% of small companies may have informal HR managers

  • Informal HR managers may have no certified training or experience

  • Informal HR managers are unable to keep up with changing regulations


One of the benefits ADP® provides is access to HR support, along with a variety of solutions designed to meet the specific current needs of their clients. With today’s workplace landscape, talent is able to be sourced from anywhere, and ADP® has noticed several trends* in outsourcing:

  • 59% of business use outsourcing to reduce their costs and expenses

  • 57% if companies feel outsourcing lets them focus on their core business

  • 47% of companies use outsourcing to solve capacity problems

ADP® offers solutions for all business strategies through a process designed to help you align the right mix of technology and services to your needs.

As a MCRA partner, ADP® is able to provide MCRA Members with services, technology, and support for their employees. Offering more than just HR, ADP’s breadth of services addresses an array of business needs with a focus on compliance, efficiency, and service.    

Join the conversation!

MCRA Members are invited to participate in educational workshops, roundtables, and forums throughout the year. Discussions between MCRA Members at such events lead to vendor collaborations and the development of innovative solutions for health plans. The recent ADP® workshop launched in-depth discussions on a variety of topics such as:

  • What are some of the mistakes or risks a young organization laser-focused on growth business development may encounter when they do not spend adequate time enough managing back-office functions or delegate to an informal HR manager?

  • How are regulations managed in different states  and how can a company stay informed of the ever-changing regulations?

  • What are the tax-implications of employees who reside in a different state than their home company?

  • When an organization decides to outsource HR and other back-office functions, what are the typical results? Do companies typically report a cost-savings or simply a gain in efficiencies?


If you are interested in joining the conversation and participating in workshops, roundtables, forums, and other Member-only educational events, we invite you to preview our MCRA Overview and complete a Membership Inquiry Form to discover if MCRA Membership is a good fit for you and your company!

*Source: Smallbizgenius, “20 Outsourcing Statistics to Guide Your HR Decisions”, August 5, 2019

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