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Through the collaboration of our members, MCRA helps drive performance improvements, delivers exceptional service, transforms care, and champions the health and wellbeing of the communities our members serve. 

Radius Care joins the MCRA!

Radius Care enables robust member engagement through a direct-to-member application and Radius Insights (Managed Care administration and reporting dashboard).

Radius Care is a consumer application and data analytics platform that actively monitors health data and applying AI/ML, instantly delivers personalized health guidance on best doctors, hospitals, treatments and medications (discounts) in support of preventative care pathways and clinical care whenever health changes.

Radius Care works in conjunction with the entire healthcare continuum- including payers, health plans, hospitals, physicians and managed care providers to foster greater member engagement and adherence to care plans. Our data analytics platform is designed to encompass both risk stratification and care plan models to identify and mitigate gaps in care and improve patient and provider satisfaction.

The Managed Care Resource Alliance (MCRA) is excited to welcome RadiusCare as a member!

Learn more about Radius Care:


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