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Through Member collaboration, MCRA helps drive performance improvements, deliver exceptional service, transform care, and champion the health and wellbeing of the communities we collectively serve.

MCRA Roundtable: Cyber Risk: Challenges & Strategies for Vendors

MCRA hosted an exclusive roundtable discussion on the current challenges and cyber risks facing the managed care industry, and reviewed the obstacles and pain points vendors are facing today.

Questions addressed in the roundtable:
  • Why is healthcare a large target to cyber criminals?

  • What are the pain points facing vendors today?

  • What is the impact of AI?

  • What should vendors do to ensure greater levels of security with their clients?

A part two session will be held in June, where participants will discuss strategies for Managed Care vendors to overcome these obstacles, tips to limit risks, and ways to better position your company in the industry. 

Hosted by MCRA Strategic Advisors, Andrew Biernat & Joe Brand, MCRA CEO, Barry Volin, and HiTrust expert, Bill Ahrens (Mazars).

If you are a Managed Care leader interested in participating in future MCRA Roundtable discussions, become a MCRA Member!


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