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Growing a business in today's siloed health plan environment is very challenging. MCRA can be a valuable resource for outreach and growth initiatives. MCRA builds partnerships among Members of the Alliance. Active participation and willingness to support other Members facilitates strong relationships and new opportunities.

Wider Circle


Engagement Services for Health Plan Members

In 2015, Wider Circle co-founders Moshe and Darin set out to help Americans get the care they deserve. They were inspired by healthcare challenges they saw in their own family as they aged. Community was essential to their health along with many of the social determinants and its absence led to rapid decline. They knew there had to be a better way. The solution was one rigorously tested for the last seven years - create scalable neighborhood support groups that empowers members to take care of their health and tackle SBDOH. As a community health organization on wheels, Wider Circle acts as upstreamists to tackle these factors. They come to members neighborhood's to provide resources, social support and help them navigate their health through giving them a community to lean on. This ensures members get the most out of their local resources, benefits, and addresses SBDOH giving them the community they deserve to live a happier healthier life.


In studies submitted for peer review, Wider Circle shows statistically significant improvements in pmpm ($114) annual wellness visits (+22.5%), advanced care planning (+19.8%), medication reviews (+14.9%) and preventative care access (+22.8%) whilst promoting favorable utilization patterns further lowering cost. Another partnership with one of Wider Circle's clients allowed them to quantify ROI of closing gaps and improving utilization to the sum of $138.96 PMPM.


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Wider Circle is a peer-based community health organization that partners with health plans and providers to close the last mile of healthcare for MA and Medicaid members. They improve cost, quality and satisfaction for hard-to-reach Members through a personal and tech enabled approach. Firstly they leverage claims data to form cohorts of individuals likely to form a bond and influence one another. By forming trusted groups of neighbors in a culturally-competent manner, Wider Circle restores the community support network critical for tackling the challenges in members’ lives. Next they act as a natural extension to a care coordination team, helping plans improve their member engagement strategy and reach while improving key quality measures and addressing social determinants of health (SDoH) needs through leveraging the psychology of influence and the community to shift behaviors. Throughout Wider Circle is supported by best-in-class technology such as their member app that allows communities to interact asynchronously, their virtual platform that allows folks to engage remotely with minimal tech literacy and their facilitator port that allows our specialists to identify track and close gaps in coordination with partnership with plans.

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