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Through the collaboration of our members, MCRA helps drive performance improvements, delivers exceptional service, transforms care, and champions the health and wellbeing of the communities our members serve. 

MTA Board approved Sentry to join CTG in helping meet AAR customer's transportation needs

Approved by the MTA Board this summer, Sentry (MCRA member and the first certified New York State Minority and Women-owned Business Enterprise - M/WBE) will be ramping up this fall to join CTG in helping meet Access-A-Ride (AAR) customer's transportation needs.

Sentry, Paratransit's first NYS Certified Minority-owned Business Enterprise contractor for broker car service, began providing trips this month. As pictured above, an AAR customer is being picked up by a Sentry driver.

Read full announcement below:
45_21 OTM Fall Issue MTA Sentry
Download PDF • 326KB

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