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Driving Adherence Across Medications, Condition Management, and Medical Device Usage

Read the original case study by MCRA Member, Engagys
A woman using glucose monitor to manage diabetes at home

At a Glance:
  • A renowned condition management provider/health tech organization aimed to increase not only the number of patients enrolled in their program, but also device usage for regular blood sugar readings, and adherence to medications and lifestyle/nutrition coaching to drive better outcomes as measured by Patient Activation Measures (PAM) scores.

  • Engagys created customized, personalized scripting, including optimized messaging based on behavioral science, standing up digital capabilities to deliver multi-channel communications to patients. As highly-skilled resources were at a minimum, Engagys trained lower-cost customer service representatives (CSRs) on optimized script delivery to go head-to-head with nutritional coaches trained in motivational coaching.

  • Engagys’ project led to a 21% increase in PAM scores, which measure a patient’s overall confidence in managing their care, and supports ongoing adherence. The project also resulted in a 2X increase in the number of patients enrolled in the program.

  • Engagys lowered the overall cost of care, as the behavioral science-trained CSRs beat the motivational coaching-trained nutritional coaches

Business Opportunity:

A renowned condition management provider of kidney and diabetes care aimed to increase medication and medical device adherence, and elevate overall PAM scores to increase patient confidence in condition management among their extensive patient base.

Client Profile:

A global leader in chronic condition management, providing a range of comprehensive services from clinical treatment to patient education. With a commitment to patient empowerment, the client employs technology to monitor health metrics and provide digital health tools focused on personalized management of chronic conditions, such as diabetes and kidney disease.

Engagys Solution:

Engagys devised and executed a multi-faceted approach to enhance patient education and drive patient behavior change across all the goals including:

  • Call Center Training: Provided comprehensive training to CSRs, focusing on effective outreach tactics and communication strategies geared towards increasing device usage for regular blood sugar readings, increasing adherence to medications and lifestyle/nutrition coaching, and driving improved patient outcomes as measured by PAM scores.

  • Segmented Outreach: Launched and optimized six separate condition management programs addressing different conditions across multiple populations. Segmented patients based on their specific needs, tailoring messaging accordingly to maximize resonance and impact.

  • Multi-channel Campaign: Implemented a multi-channel outreach campaign designed to educate patients on available resources and empower them to navigate their care journey effectively.

  • Customized Messaging: Developed customized scripting, with messaging specific to patient needs, ensuring relevance and resonance.

  • Health Literacy and Accessibility: Ensured call center scripting, communication techniques, and condition management programs were tailored to accommodate varying levels of health literacy, promoting accessibility and empowering all members to actively participate in their care journey.

  • Experimentation for Optimization: Conducted an experiment to test the efficacy of utilizing clinical staff, such as nutritionists, versus non-clinical CSRs (trained with Engagys' proven approach) to educate patients and improve patient outcomes. Results indicated that trained CSRs not only reached more patients efficiently but also achieved greater increases in PAM scores, adherence, and condition management program enrollment at reduced costs.


Designed engagement programs with deliverables including:

  • Implemented behavioral science optimization for call center scripts, patient welcome letters, and condition management program materials.

  • Conducted training for CSRs, equipping them with the skills necessary to engage patients effectively.

  • Developed a customized Content Best Practice Playbook, providing guidance for ongoing initiatives aimed at enhancing adherence, condition management, and medical device usage with behavioral science techniques.


This multi-channel outreach campaign resulted in:

  • 21% increase in PAM scores

  • 2x increase in condition management program enrollment rate

  • Improved overall patient engagement and confidence in condition management

  • Decreased costs by identifying and training less costly agents, (non-clinical CSRs versus clinical resources who had motivational coaching training)

If you're interested in learning more about Engagys, or would like to review the full case study, click here.

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