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Medicare Family Care Advocates Survey - Part 4 of 6

Read this six-part series to learn what is most important to family caregivers and advocates, and what they believe are the biggest challenges and opportunities to improve healthcare.

Published June 21, 2022

Part 4 of 6: What is the biggest challenge Medicare patients encounter?

More than 50% of respondents list some type of health care confusion as the number one challenge of Medicare patients. For some respondents, this confusion is around the benefits and cost of Medicare, while for others, it is the uncertainty of the best care options.

Exacerbating this confusion is the amount on unreliable information available on the internet. Survey results match those form a survey conducted by Bend Financial, which concluded that more than half of Americans are confused by health insurance.

RadiusCare understands how confusing the healthcare system and process can be, which is why one of their main goals is to streamline a patient's important healthcare data within on app. By integrating with specific health plans, RadiusCare is able to alert users to specific benefits matched to diagnosis.



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