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Growing a business in today's siloed health plan environment is very challenging. MCRA can be a valuable resource for outreach and growth initiatives. MCRA builds partnerships among Members of the Alliance. Active participation and willingness to support other Members facilitates strong relationships and new opportunities.
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High-Acuity Care in the Home

Care2U delivers ED and hospital-level care to the home, providing patients with more freedom of choice in their healthcare options, at a fraction of the cost of the traditional hospital setting. As medicine shifts into a VBC model, the importance of controlling hospital costs cannot be overstated. The Care2U service delivery model leads to lower readmission rates, decreased ED utilization, improved outcomes, and reduced nosocomial infections (e.g. C.Diff, VRE, COVID-19). Progress is measured by patient satisfaction, improved quality outcomes and decreased cost.


Care2U delivers high-complexity acute episodic care to patients' homes at a fraction of the cost of a traditional ED, and advanced inpatient-level care to patients' homes at a fraction of the cost of a traditional inpatient hospital stay. By optimizing the site of care and delivering all of the clinical capabilities of a traditional brick and mortar hospital to the home, more than 80% of ER visits and hospitalizations can be prevented.


  • New York


  • Medicare

  • Medicaid

  • Commercial

  • Self-Insurance

  • Delegated Entities

  • ACO

  • ACO Reach

  • PACE

  • IPAs


  • ED Avoidance (High-Acuity Care at Home):
    Rapid in-home responses from our team of experienced NPs, PAs, and medics with concurrent physician telehealth care, reducing avoidable ED utilization by 80% with integrated primary and specialty groups.

  • In-Home Hospitalization (Inpatient-level Care):
    Migrating traditional inpatient and observation level care to the home, creating a 50% savings per care episode.
    Care2U works directly with large risk bearing groups and payors to identify high risk patients meeting MCG observation or inpatient criteria, to deliver inpatient-level care to the home.

  • Safe Transitions (transitional Care Management): Advanced in-home TCM within 24-48 hours discharge for high-risk patients to reduce hospital readmissions. Care2U team implements remote patient monitoring for 30-days post discharge to prevent avoidable readmissions.

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