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McClennan Group

Solution Member

Innovation Agency

McClennan Group offers personalized digital health engagement solutions that are designed to collect hard-to-get motivation and lifestyle data to add a critical non-clinical dataset the key to impactful communication programs. 


McClennan Group has incubated and successfully piloted where they use machine learning and generative AI to create highly targeted and complaint messaging programs that drive patient engagement. For example, their three year pilot with Humana, proved that we can effectively close gaps in care, among 9 different measures they tracked, for instance breast cancer and colorectal cancer screening test completions increased on average 24.5%.

  • Co-Founders, Jeannette McClennan and Rob Caione deliver senior leadership in the healthcare industry and digital innovation alike.

    • Jeannette McClennan: Leader delivering both strategic and team guidance, highly skilled digital professional that deeply understands digital-first strategies and implementation that meet and exceed goals. Senior Leadership roles in venture backed startups, MapQuest, DailyMakeover and Local Matters plus President Ogilvy Interactive for North America.

    • Rob Caione: Purpose-driven growth stage leader who excels at identifying strategic growth opportunities that lead to accelerated growth. Executive with 30 years in Healthcare. Grew Integra to $2.1B revenue and sold it to Elevance Health (Anthem).

  • New talent to the McCG team: 

    • Clarence Lee: MIT-educated researcher and faculty, specializing in deep learning applications for customer analytics, with extensive experience designing personalization and reinforcement learning systems. 

    • Chalisa Prarasri: UCLA trained neuroscientist & tech startup founder specializing in AI signal processing for the collection and analysis of digital biomarkers.Chalisa has joined the team as Entrepreneur in Residence.

  • By utilizing McClennan Group’s highly experienced Human Centered Design (HCD) professionals skilled at unpacking any business pain point and using the proven HCD methods to discover and execute the right solution, Rob and Jeannette have been funding and piloting the development of through engagements with Humana, CareFirst (BCBS), Gilead/Black Health, Holiday Retirement among other assignments.


  • National


  • Medicare

  • Medicaid

  • Commercial

  • Self Insurance


McClennan Group's 80 person team of digital professionals use their original IP technology,, to design customized solutions that support providers, payer and home health organizations with HCD driven solutions. McClennan Group is committed to helping their clients achieve better health outcomes.

  • Original IP to collect hard to get motivation and lifestyle data and integrate it with clinical and SDOH data to create highly customized conversations that support the end user to drive measurable results in the form of gap closure.

  • Utilize advanced data science and analytics techniques, including AI and machine learning, to blend their unique motivation and lifestyle data with social determinants of health and clinical datasets. Allows them to create a complete picture of the whole person.

  • With the data developed, their behavioral specialists create a series of patient-centric nudge messages that help move the end-user journey from passive to deeper engagement. Their approach has been proven to positively impact behavior, and lower healthcare costs.

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