Our Members

MCRA members manage services for over 200 health plans in Medicare, Medicaid, Commercial and Self Insurance.


Benefits Science Technologies (BST)


Benefits Science (BST) is a data science as a service (DSaas) firm that provides custom data solutions to risk-bearing entities in healthcare. Our mission statement is to lower the cost and improve outcomes of healthcare in America. BST consults with risk-bearing entities to identify key data problems, the source of data available, and attempts to apply machine learning techniques and algorithms to solve various problems nagging clients.

BST's proprietary algorithms multiplied by our MIT-based data science and actuarial science teams have established us as a powerhouse in the data analytics industry. BST has developed 4 layers of analytics:

  1. Data Quality

  2. Descriptive Analytics

  3. Predictive Analytics

  4. Prescriptive Analytics


We are engaged in the following initiatives: Specific Condition Risk Scores, Vendor Impact Analysis, Risk Re-tiering, Voluntary Benefits Claims Coordination, etc.

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