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AMS (Advanced Medical Strategies)

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(Founding Member)

Advanced Medical Strategies (AMS) mitigates high-cost claim overpayments and predicts future liabilities by turning raw claims data into actionable strategic intelligence. Focused solely on the most expensive and complex claims, our AI-driven platform forensically identifies, financially analyzes, methodically predicts and clinically evaluates treatment appropriateness. The results allow payers and risk entities to effectively manage their plan and project risk.


AMS has had an outstanding reputation in the industry for nearly 20 years, retaining a 98% client retention standard. Our Predict Platform and tools are the most reputable in analyzing, identifying and reporting on the 5% of members driving 50% of total medical spend. ​Our innovative platform is a data driven analytics powerhouse able to pinpoint the drivers of high-cost claims that PBMs and cost-containment companies are ill-equipped to find


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PredictDx:  The definitive on-demand resource for delivering in-depth clinical information, empirical insight and key financial analytics for the costliest medical diagnoses. (

PredictRx:  A comprehensive specialty drug resource that guides clinical appropriateness and reimbursement rates relative to the marketplace. Quickly access benchmarked cost data, FDA approved indications, notable off-label usage, adult/pediatric dosing regimens, specialty drug coding, and critical physician commentary across 500+ specialty drugs responsible for over 50% of spend. (


PredictIx:  Provides accurate cost information on the actual price providers pay for surgical devices and common implant related procedures. It’s the only completely transparent implant analytics resource available in the marketplace. (


FACS (Financial And Clinical Surveillance): A cloud-based, SaaS claims surveillance and workflow system that provides AI-driven insight into the costliest and most complex healthcare diagnoses and accompanying financial impact. (


Profiler: The industry leading platform to quickly identify current and potential high-cost members, analyze their diagnoses and specialty drug usage and predict costs for informed medical risk mitigation. Profiler quickly identifies members, their diagnoses and projected specialty drug usage responsible for driving annual cost increases. (

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